Travel Day

A Snowy Picnic

Wish me luck!

Big Deal Bath


Anchorage Day

Daddy Turns the Day Around!

Kelsey's Plan

Two Twirly Dresses


A Day Late...

Lovely Day!

Portage Pass Trail

Today's Production

Snow and Rain and Snow and Rain

Our First Visitor and Our 'First' Halloween

The Snow is Here!

New Vinyl

Knotted Tu-Tus

Pumpkin Carving and Swimming!

At the Breakfast Table

Town Day

"When I a baby..."

Fun with Trikes

Pajama Perfection


Banking Day

We've Given Up

A Good Weekend

Falling into a Routine

More Sun!

Catching Up

Day Three

We're Here!!

Alaska Day is Here


He's Got the Keys!!!

A Hard Day's Work

Quick Update

Alaska Day is Set!

An Official Whittier Resident

Anchorage at Last!

Sunday--in Alaska!

Saturday's Trek

Day Two of Driving

Prince George and Truckin'

He's On His Way

Almost There

Family Reunion

21 Dozen Hangers

The Party

Garage Sale Done

Are we there yet??

Please Return!

Should have been done

Dads and Daughters

The Table is Mine!

The Table Search


Out of the Kitchen

3 Weeks

North to Alaska