Out of the Kitchen

Out of the kitchen I managed to fill 5 boxes of 'non essential' stuff that's staying here and not making the trek north. To begin with, anything used only when company comes over didn't make the cut. Next it was anything we have more than one of. The set of 3 nesting colanders we got as a wedding gift? Only 1 goes. 2 serving bowls the same size? Only 1 goes. You get the picture.

Amazingly enough I still had energy after that to venture into our master bedroom closet. If you've seen my closet you know that's no small feat! We've been totally spoiled in this house by a closet that's bigger than some people's bedrooms. It's all great until you have to pack it up. Luckily I had tackled the closet earlier this spring, hauling 2 big garbage bags of junk to Goodwill, so it wasn't quite the task it could have been.

After all that it was time to head over to our friends' house, let the girls play with their buddy and cool off in their new 'big enough for moms too' pool. Scott didn't join us in the pool, but did enjoy lounging on their deck after a day of running tractor and roller helping them get ready for their new shed. Now the girls are in bed and I'm off to contemplate why I signed on to walk a 1/2 marathon tomorrow!


  1. I'm so glad you started this blog! It'll be fun to read so I can keep up with you guys after you head up north. I wish I could get up there to see you before you leave.


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