Pumpkin Carving and Swimming!

A guaranteed recipe for happy and exhausted little girls!

After a 5 year hiatus, we rejoined our friends the Abbeys for their annual pumpkin carving party. Last time we got to attend they were living in Bremerton, Tammy was pregnant and Scott and I had been married just a few years. Fast forward to 2009. The Abbeys have been in Anchorage for 5 years. The baby that was in-utero 5 years ago is now in preschool and now the Korbes (now 4 of us instead of just 2!) live in Alaska, too. As for the pumpkin carving it's evolved, too. Now a family event, there were at least 10 kids elbow-deep in pumpkins and seeds last night. All of them having a blast!

We spent the night in Anchorage at a hotel that's WAY nicer than our apartment...complete with a dishwasher (the hotel, not the apartment!)! The kids made excellent use of the hotel pool and I got the shopping done that we needed done!

Many pictures over at Fotki!