Garage Sale Done

Whew! All that sorting, pricing, packing, unpacking, setting up, taking down, and repacking is done. At the end of it I had less stuff and more money, so that's a good thing! MANY thanks to my mom and dad for picking up and delivering my kids and to my sister for helping to entertain them. Oh yes, and to the guide dog in training (Lottie) that my sister was caring for this weekend--she provided quite a bit of entertainment, too!

After the sale I cleaned my beloved table which M&D delivered today. It's looking much better, I must say! Got all the paint and gunk off the top and steel wooled the legs. It's so shiny and nice now! I've got some tabletop cleaning/restoring stuff that's supposed to help make the laminate all shiny again. The chairs still need a lot of elbow grease...

Off now to play with my new webcam and Skype and see if I can get it all working!