Town Day

Today had an early start. And why is it that the ONE day you need your kids to be up and at 'em it is the ONE day that they would sleep in???

Anyway...the girls got up, got dressed and had breakfast AND we managed to catch the 7am tunnel out of town. Our destination today: the dentist. Blech! Scott and I got our teeth cleaned...I could go on and on, but suffice it to say--we won't be taking the girls to that dentist!

Our big success of the day was finding a McDonald's with a playland! I spent some time on their website. I would have thought that given the weather in Anchorage for a good 6 months of the year that every Micky D's would have a playland, but there's only 3! BK offers no such info on their website, so we'll just have to keep driving around! I'm thrilled to know where to get some free exercise in town, and since we're in town so rarely, I don't mind the fact we're eating fast food on most trips.

We didn't end up doing any shopping since we'll be in town this weekend to attend a Halloween Party and see some sights. We're spending the night, so we have a little more time and flexibility. And a hotel pool! :-)