Catching Up

My computer has been somewhat moody lately, so I've had trouble posting. I'm going to give it a try again today though!

Thursday we ventured over to the school to meet up with the high school teacher. We had perfect timing as we arrived at the beginning of play time in the gym, unbeknownst to us! Turns out playtime is Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 3:30-4:30. The girls had A BLAST! All that fun school gym stuff plus roller skates (a *huge* hit!), trikes, cars, etc. Apparently sometimes it also includes crafts and/or organized games. We had fun just having fun...toddlers on rollerskates sounded scarier to me than it turned out to be. The girls loved it and although they fell, they were never going fast enough that it was a big deal.

Friday dawned sunny and clear, so we hit the park twice to soak up the sun. The sunrise was beautiful. In the late morning we went to play and packed along our picnic lunch. Scott's office is half a block or so from the park, so he joined us at lunchtime. After naps we headed back down with our sand toys in tow to make the most of the giant sandbox down there.

Today we headed into Anchorage to run errands and stock up. Of course, with the kids in tow we only got half of our list accomplished! Oh well...we can always head back in another time. We did purchase a freezer, so that increased our storage capacity greatly. Not knowing exactly what winter brings we felt like being stocked up would be in our best interest.

On the way home from Anchorage we stopped by the park in Girdwood and the Alaska Wildlife Conservation (pics, see link above). The girls had fun at both which was good, since they hadn't had much fun in town.

Girdwood park, big kids play area

Girdwood park sandbox

Elk at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Oddly enough I learned today that one need not show any sort of ID to transfer the title and registration of one's car to Alaska, but I cannot get my AK driver's license without my current license, my original SS card, my proof of residency, my birth certificate, AND my marriage license. Needless to say, I didn't have all of those documents with me! As a result, Dusty is adorned with her new Alaksa plates commemorating 50 years of statehood, but I am driving her with my WA license! Go figure!