Big Deal Bath

It's funny, the things that are big deals to little girls! Our girls have always bathed together, but last week Kelsey had the idea of taking a bath by herself. We discussed it and planned that on Daddy's next 'stay home day' we would give the idea a try. Lucky for her, it was the week of Thanksgiving so she didn't have to wait long for Daddy's 'stay home day'! Of course I had completely forgotten about it, but clearly she had not--she asked me about it Thursday morning before she even got out of bed! They worked it out with Scott that they would draw straws to see who would get to go first and then henceforth we'd take turns. It was our first whirl at drawing straws and by some miracle, Stacy did not have a fit when she lost. Knowing she would be first only heightened Kelsey's enthusiasm.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving dinner...scarfed down so that we could take "our own baths!". If you've ever eaten with our family you know that fast eating is NOT something that happens at our table! Anyway...the seperate baths was a huge hit. Of course whichever sister wasn't in the bath was sitting on the stool right next to the tub! It was a repeat hit last night with Stacy delighting in her turn to go first, so I'm sure tomorrow's return to sharing the bath on 'Daddy's work day' will bring plenty of talk about taking seperate baths again next weekend!


  1. Gdma moo can see the excitment in this bathing by yourself. Know the girls like this :-)

  2. Uh oh- does that mean a threesom will be out of the question in December? The little girl who always bathes by herself gets excited at sharing a tub,not that the three girls will fit in a tub together much longer.....

  3. I think that the 3 girls would fit in the tub...but what about the toys??? Maggie has a lot of pretty cool tub toys!

    -Mom/Aunt Sally

  4. Oh, I'm sure someone other than your sister in the bath will be exciting. It's just new and different to have some time by yourself where you can stretch out and "swim" :-)


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