I consider any day in which I walk 13.1 miles and then home come to tackle packing the craft room to be a success! I doubt I'll have any trouble falling asleep tonight, that's for sure!

The walk turned out to be quite fun. I had not been looking forward to it since the forecast today was for HOT and I don't really do HOT. Fortunately much of the route was shaded and it was quite pleasant. I walked with a friend of mine from school and a friend of hers. We all agreed that up to mile 10 was no biggie, but after that it was hard work. Good thing I wasn't looking to set any records because it took us a ridiculously long time to finish...almost 4 hours!

As for the craft room, one garbage bag, one recycling bin and several boxes later I have it mostly whittled down to what I hope to be able to take with me. The major thing left to do is go through my fabric--no small job!

I suppose I should attempt to get off this stool and back to work--I'm afraid if I sit too long I won't get back up until tomorrow!