Our First Visitor and Our 'First' Halloween

Moo Grandma is here! Quite an exciting event for the girls to pick her up at the airport and then show her all around our building and apartment.

If you know me at all you know that I hate Halloween. There's a number of reasons and I won't go into all of them here. Anyway, as a result of our secluded home on Rocky Top and my dislike for the holiday my girls have never really celebrated. We've carved pumpkins, but that's been the extent of it up to now. Now that we're living a bit closer to other folks and Halloween's a *big deal* here in Whittier, I am not able to just pretend Halloween doesn't happen.

Halloween was first celebrated last night at the school carnival. I bucked the costume tradition and just sent the girls to the dress up box to pick something. They both emerged dressed as ballerinas complete with ballet slippers and tu-tus. Tonight we made a short list of places to visit and Scott and Moo Grandma took the girls (dressed in dress-up dresses, flip flops, carrying purses and wearing a crown for Kelsey, and a stocking cap for Stacy) visiting. They practiced at our house and then went to visit a few friends. I'm not even sure they made it to everyone's house, they were back soon, both lugging purses full of candy! We picked a few to keep, and put the rest in a bag to send home to Moo Grandpa.

Happy Halloween, everyone! :-)