Lovely Day!

What a great day we had yesterday! The snow started drifting down mid-morning and in a rare sequence of events the wind was not howling. It was a postcard Alaskan day!

Scott had the day off in observance of Veteran's Day, so he began by sleeping in a bit. Then he and Kelsey went to his office for a bit to sort out some information needed before the tow truck arrived to tow the ambulance into town for repairs. Meanwhile Stacy and I picked up a bit in preparation for our friend (and City Comission Clerk) Becky to arrive for the great event of the morning: The Tea Party. The Tea Party was a big hit--the girls had lots of fun with their guest and she went home with her head spinning from their frantic level of excitement over the event.

Next on the agenda was lunch at school. I don't know if I've talked about lunch at school on the blog before or not. Just in case, here's a quick summary to catch you up. Breakfast is served at school, but lunch is not. I assume it's due to the level of staffing, but lunch is a 45 minute break where everyone comes home and eats, then heads back to school. Except for occasional Wednesdays where the kids and staff prepare lunch and serve it as a fundraiser. So far we've been to a hamburger lunch and a baked potato lunch. Yesterday was the Mexican lunch. Yummy! There's also lunch next Wednesday (menu TBA) and then Thanksgiving lunch the following Wednesday...yummy! Anyway, lunch at school is always fun for the girls as they get to see all of their friends and it's something different and therefore is a BIG deal!

In the afternoon we ventured out into our fresh snow and Scott and I pulled the girls on their new sleds down to the Inn at Whittier, home of the "fancy hot chocolate". It's served in clear mugs with whipped cream and is viewed as a big treat in our family. We enjoyed some of the fancy hot chocolate before venturing home to play on the little patch of grass in front of our building. It has a little hill that is just right for little people to sled on by themselves.

After we came in and warmed up, I left for Girdwood and a quilt binding class offered through the Four Valleys Community School by Denise Gallup. I had a wonderful time and met some very nice gals. The drive was snowy but not too bad. Well worth it for the fun I had!