A Snowy Picnic

When we moved up here I vowed to myself that we would all continue to go outside to play. So far, so good. The girls are outside to play almost every day that we don't go to school to play and I try to go hiking on the weekends with a group of friends. Last weekend while we were out we walked up to Salmon Run, a developed picnic area at the end of town. We dreamed up this idea that since the weather was so nice (translated to no 60mph winds and thus no blowing snow) we should go for a picnic. Of course at this time of year that means we have to go for lunch because it's dark for all other meals.

So today was picnic day! We bundled the girls up, and headed up with a bunch of friends. The girls and I played in the snow and the girls went sledding with Scott and Joey. We all feasted on bbq'd brats, burgers, chicken, homemade beans, chips, brownies, and hot chocolate. What fun! The girls had a blast and were exhausted...and so was I! But we got outside for some fresh air and fun.


  1. The Korbes are Crazy even by Alaskan standards


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