Should have been done

What a day yesterday was! It was spent finishing up those projects that should have been done a long time ago. Scott trimmed out the doors we replaced this spring, trimmed part of the craft room we "finished" after Kelsey was born, and installed some kick boards to cupboards we installed long before we had kids! I took on a painting project to finish off the water heater cupboard and then also packed the pantry, disassembled the fish tank, and picked up my teaching stuff from school.
It was the first of several productive days of home improvement around here. Still on the list is fixing gutters on the house and barn, repairing furnace duct work, etc.

As we do this all, I am trying *very hard* to remember that we'll get to enjoy the fruits of this labor when ever we move back from AK. These projects have been on our "to do" list for ages and it's a little hard to see them completed just in time to move out of the house. Bittersweet!

2 days until the garage sale--I'm hoping it's at least minimally successful to justify the effort I've put into it! I don't really care if we make a lot of money, I just want the stuff gone! Since the sale is over at 4pm and the Goodwill drop off is open in Battle Ground until 9pm, I guess it will be a certain success!! :-)