The Table is Mine!

Well, today was the conclusion of the great table search! I purchased this one from a family in Camas who had just moved it across the country from the midwest. It'll be one well-traveled table by the time it gets to Alaska!

The vinyl doesn't all match and is particularly icky on the captain's chair, but the table has two leaves and furthermore, I love it! I drug it as far as my mom and dad's house with their car where it awaits an empytish truck headed to Yacolt. Now keep your fingers crossed for me that there will be room for it in the moving trailer! You'll be hearing and seeing more about this table this winter as I embark on the reupholstering journey!

Good news from the North today! They will indeed have a 3 bedroom apartment available in a timely fashion. It becomes available on 9/1 and (drumroll please!) it's a harbor view! It's on the 8th floor, so the view will be something like this, although this webcam is on the 14th floor Now I'm awaiting the measurements of the place so I can make decisions about what other furniture goes and what gets stored.

In other news, I'm pleased to announce that for the first time in 4 days we were able to begin the cooling off process of the house BEFORE 9m! It's 84 degrees inside and outside at 8:11 today. That's a record for this week! Our hottest in the shade has been 106, 111 in the sun! Many thanks to Uncle Carl for pointing out that the temperature in Whittier yesterday was half of the temperature here! :-)