Well, we survived the overnight travel and have mostly recovered from the sleep deprivation of that ordeal. The girls did very well, both sleeping on the plane some and doing well at the hotel. Stacy was not at all pleased to find that I had booked us in a cheapie hotel with no swimming pool ("Why you do dat, mom? I WIKE to dwim!"), but she seems to be surviving. Kelsey informed me at Sea-Tac that it was hot (50!) and she sure hoped grandma had a fan to blow on her so she could get some sleep! Of course she was wearing her AK winter coat at the time...

So far we've enjoyed a great dinner with the Korbes, Peacocks, Godwins, and Pauls as well as a trip to Burgerville with Auntie and the Korbe Christmas. Yesterday the girls had lots of fun with Grandma and Grandpa Moo and Auntie Shelly crafting a gingerbread house and a gingerbread train. I ducked out and spent some time with friends from my school last year. Of course there have been many trips outside (much quicker to get dressed to go outside here!) to the chickens, cows, and to ride bikes.

Scott says it's been snowing like crazy in Whittier. Thursday he was greeted by 5 foot drifts in front of his shiop door. Sounds like it's been pretty windy, too!

Well, that wraps up this "catching up" post...:-)