Kelsey's Plan

Well today is day two of wearing the new dresses. I don't often cave to the plea to wash something tonight so we can wear it tomorrow, but last night I gave in. They wanted badly to wear the dresses to church today so we washed.

Meanwhile, Kelsey has hatched a plan involving her chickens and her new dress. As you can see from the picture posted a few days ago the skirt of her dress is flowered. Kelsey imagines that the chickens are going to be quite taken by this dress. So taken in fact, that if they should escape the confines of their pen they'll just follow her right back into the fence because they want to peck the flowers on her skirt to see if there are any bugs in them! She's probably partly right. The chickens love her and do follow her around. Whether or not they will hunt for bugs on her skirt remains to be seen. I guess I had better make sure the dresses get packed for our trip down south next month!


  1. Hmmm...if chickens flocked arounf ME, pecking at my skirt, I'm thinking that I might be a little bit spooked. Even though I like chickens - - perhaps I don't like them quite as much as Kelsey does!


  2. Kelsey: Roosty, Bockers, Ilea will be happy to see you. All the chickens are waiting for you to come & take care of them. :-)

    Gdma moo

  3. Are you heading south to Vancouver? If so, when will you be there?


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