Daddy Turns the Day Around!

The girls have a cold. Blech! It's certainly nothing serious, but the girls aren't feeling 100% and as a result, neither am I! Yesterday was the first day that they were really acting differently, although noses have been running since Monday. By the end of the day we were all tired--and I was quickly running out of patience. Enter Daddy the Hero For the Day!!

He began by teaching the girls to play hide and seek. It was so much fun and *totally* turned my outlook around. The girls were giggling and Scott and I were cracking up, too. Stacy didn't quite grasp the idea of hiding, but we all had a blast.

Soon it was PJ time. Scott took over that duty while I did the dinner dishes (some days I REALLY miss the dishwasher!!) and he was soon brushing their teeth. At our house the girls brush first, then we follow up with a parental brushing. Usually I do this and I sing some silly made-up song about brushing teeth. Of course, Stacy requested that Daddy sing while performing this duty, too! Next thing I know I hear Scott singing, "I like clean teeth and I cannot lie..." to the tune of Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-Lot. Needless to say, I was rolling on the floor!!

So--thank you so much Scott, for changing my outlook on the entire day!!


  1. We (Jaiden and I) would like a Skype performance of this new song Scott has composed. Or at least, more than the first line!

  2. Tell Scott he is in good company. Maggie was serenaded during many a dipe change with "I like fresh butts and I can not lie". I would go on but it really went downhill from there. Amazing how Daddy turn the girls' day around, isn;t it!

  3. Encore! Encore!

    My adopted moms in college used to sing songs from Grease, but change them to be about their dogs. It was excellent.

    They had a Pekeniske named "millie". Mama Kim used to sing, "O,O,O I look just like Buddy Holly! O,O and you're Millie Tyler More." While danicng around the living room with the dog.


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