The Table Search

So a bit more on the BTI. If you haven't already heard this story, the BTI is one of two apartment buildings in Whittier. The BTI was built by the army in 1953 and is 14 stories tall. There are few (if any) houses in Whittier--everyone lives in either the BTI or the other building, the Manor. Since it was built in the 50's, many apartments still sport the original metal cabinets, pink bathroom tile, etc.

Now for a very long time I have wanted one of those 50's dinette sets. The ones with the formica tops, chrome legs, and vinyl chairs. The style would have looked silly though, in our Yacolt house. Now I am seeing Whittier as the perfect opportunity to procure one. But there isn't one to be had at a reasonable price! I'm scouring Craigslist daily and will continue to do so in hopes that the perfect table and chairs become available at the perfect price...of course with my luck I'll find one and then move into one of the apartments that's been remodeled! :-)