Snow and Rain and Snow and Rain

The title pretty much sums up our weather this week so far! The temp is hovering in the mid 30's and we have precip. When the temp drops it's snow, when it's a tad warmer it's rain. Yesterday afternoon it warmed up to around 36 and rained a bit. It cleared the road mostly off although the sidewalk is a different story! Our few inches of snow last week had turned to solid ice over the weekend, so walking was challenging. With the clearing streets we ventured out to the Inn at Whittier yesterday afternoon for some "fancy hot chocolate".

Monday we just hung out here at home, doing some laundry and taking Grandma to gym time. Sunday the girls played with Grandma while Scott and I spent a day together. We went into Anchorage and did some shopping, some browsing, and hit some tourist spots on the way home. It was so nice to have some time together!