We've Given Up

I've been meaning to post the news, but keep forgetting! Anyone who knows Scott well, please sit down...don't want you to fall down in shock! He's given up soda!! He didn't buy any when he arrived and I haven't purchased any either! We're both still drinking it at restaurants, but not paying the big $$ to drink it at home any more.

For my part, I've given up shampoo! I've tossed the idea around for awhile after reading about lots of people using just baking soda and an occasional vinegar rinse. My hair has always been SUPER oily, but right away I noticed it was much less so. It also has *lots* more body. Overall I'm pleased with the results!

After a beautiful week, the rain returned today. I went to Anchorage today and completed 'Operation Stock Up' and even did some shopping for fabric for Christmas projects.

The girls continue to have a blast at gym time at the school and were quite taken with the harbor when we explored it on Friday. They loved all of the various floats, chains, ropes, etc. that decorate the sidewalk edge of harbor towns and Whittier is no exception. Of course there's also any number of rocks down there and since rocks are among the favorite items at the moment they both hauled home pocketfuls of them!

Another big hit Friday was taking lunch to Scott in his office. The girls really were impressed with themselves. Later that afternoon after he was off work we all met up and walked home together, which they also enjoyed.