Anchorage at Last!

Scott called today--they hit Anchorage at about 3pm this afternoon. He was relieved--he mentioned his back end being a *bit* sore after 5 days straight in the truck!

Apparently his first stop was the DMV to try to get his AK license. He said he got there too late however, as you need to take the written test.

Tomorrow he's off to Whittier to iron out a few apartment details, pick up mailbox keys, etc. Then he and his dad are planning some sightseeing and some fishing.

Back here in WA, we lunched with Auntie Wendy today after hitting a few consignment shops in our search for a 4T raincoat and some size 8ish rubber boots. We're a little early, I think...people are still in shorts and flipflops around here!