A Good Weekend

A good weekend here in Whittier! Sunny and beautiful...cool and a bit breezy, but sunny!

Saturday found us putting snow tires on my car and the girls riding trikes. In the afternoon we all went to both the city park and the school playground. Saturday evening Scott left for a fishing trip on the Kenai Peninsula, so the girls and I popped in to the 2nd annual Whittier bonfire. It was chilly and nearly bedtime, so we didn't stay long.

Sunday the girls and I headed for Anchorage to continue on 'Mission Stock Up" for groceries for the winter. They were great helpers, so after a much too short nap in the car, we stopped in Girdwood at their phenomenal city park on the way home. After we unloaded all of the groceries and other stuff (3 trips in the elevator with a cart + 2 very tired little girls = FUN) into the apartment we had to put it all away!

Today tried my hand at making bagels...not a total flop, but not a huge success, either. I used the recipe from my trusty BH&G cookbook. They're a little rubbery. The recipe had me broil, boil, then bake them. I think they may have boiled a little too long. A few of them came out looking like shrunken heads...others looked more like bagels. I'll have to look at a few more recipes and do some tweaking! My next experiment will be english muffins...