Quick Update

Thought I'd take a minute to sum up our week--busy!

I finished up two Elmo & Zoe nightgowns for the girls--they're HUGE (and I made them in a smaller size!) but the girls love them regardless. I also purchased flannel today to make the 3 of us matching PJ pants. Sort of goofy I know, but also cheaper as the good flannel is from Craft Warehouse and by making them matching I got to use the 40% off coupon on 4.5 yards instead of on just a yard or two.

We've also had several playdates, visited the Washougal library, and the girls spent a day and a night with Gma and Gpa Moo.

I also bday shopped for a few people with bdays in the next few weeks, and tried to help out a little around the house!

Scott started working this week, so he's been fairly busy between that and trying to Skype with all of us down here!


  1. Good luck with the flight! I hope it goes smoothly!


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