An Official Whittier Resident

Well folks, after much preparation and traveling Scott is now an official Whittier, AK resident! He's temporarily staying in a 2 bedroom apartment (furnished) on the 14th floor of the BTI. Our 3 bedr0om will be vacated by the 29th, and then our landlord will be cleaning, painting, etc.
He's off to grocery shop today--I guess he's not up to sorting through an entire trailer's worth of stuff to find a few boxes of food! :-)

As for the rest of us here in WA, we're getting along nicely. I finished the bulk of the work at Rocky Top yesterday. One more trip with my dad to put up some molding and we should be done! I should probably do some weeding, but I don't find myself at all inclined to do so. Maybe I'll find more motivation next week???