Anchorage Day

Yesterday was our 'town day'. We had lots to do and since both girls have colds, we had a shorter time than usual to get it all done! They were real troopers though and we managed to get everything done on the list.

And now a quick bit of background before sharing my kiddo funny moment of the day. Stacy often wants what she can't have, so my standard response is , "Sorry, that's not a choice." Usually followed by me offering her choices she can have. on...

My absolute favorite moment of the day came at McDonald's, though. The girls were tired and hungry and we were on our way to Mickey D's when the girls would have liked to have already been halfway through their Happy Meals. We were playing the ever-popular alphabet game and I called out that we were looking for a purple M. As I said this the famed golden arches came into view and Stacy replies "Sorry mom, that's not a choice. We only have yellow Ms!". It was hilarious in person--I'm not sure it 'sounds' so funny in the way that I've written it out, though! :-)

Plenty of snow today--some pics over on Fotki!