Portage Pass Trail

Well, today I ventured out for my first Alaskan hike! What a great day for it, too...29 degrees, sustained winds at about 20mph, gusting to 30ish, blowing snow. What an initiation! Thankfully the trail (although not the walk through town to get to the trail!) was out of the wind until you hit the top. I went with two fellow BTIers, Joey and Patrick. Joey also works for the city.

This gives a little description of the trail. If it had been a clearer day the views would have been fantastic. Given the conditions the views were still beautiful, but left me wanting to hike it again on a clearer day. Here are a few more pics:


  1. Brrrrr! Pretty pics, but - Brrrrr!


  2. Do you know if Blogspot also makes the pictures available via a picasa page so they could be viewed as a group instead of just individually? It seems they get displayed in my browser with a Picasa icon, but it may be all "behind the scenes"...

    And, yes, not the best possible day for that hike... :-)


  3. Your husband is lazy and fat... I know he would never go on a hike like that :-)


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