We're Here!!

At last we're here! The weather on our first day was BEAUTIFUL, although the rain rolled in overnight so today's looking a little wetter. The girls were great on the airplane. K told everyone who would listen that we were moving to Alaska and we'd get to see our Daddy pretty soon. We rented DigE Players and Stacy actually fell asleep for about an hour. The scene at the airport was from the movies--Scott on the bench reading the newspaper, Kelsey spotting him and taking off at a sprint, Scott looking up and seeing her and his whole face lighting up. Priceless! Stacy was a bit grumpy about being awakened for the descent, so it took her a little longer to tune in to what was going on. We hit the last tunnel into town and had to wake both kids up once more to show them their "Alaska Home". After a brief tour, we all settled in for a late night to be followed by an early morning!

Scott had worked very hard and had the whole kitchen unpacked and set up, the girls' bunk beds assembled, and our bed assembled. It was great to walk in and see the big pile of flattened boxes that he had already unpacked.

Yesterday we spent our morning unpacking a few toys (I figure a few at a time...it's like brand-new toys again!), finding the girls' bedding, cleaning the kitchen, etc. In the afternoon we hit the city park...it's rustic but the kids didn't seem to mind at all! There's a play house, monkey bars, some loader tires for climbing, swings, rocking toys, and the biggest hit was a sandbox.

Today I am hoping to unpack some more, clean some more, and maybe do a little laundry...

kitchen and dining area

play room/craft room

living room

master bedroom

girls' bedroom


  1. I'm sure you all are so happy to have your family together again! And there's something so exciting about starting in a new place...


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