At the Breakfast Table

Due to their natural 'morning person' tendencies, my girls are often at their best before most people are even up. Case in point--breakfast today!

7AM at our table, *totally* out of the blue:

Stacy (right hand out, head cocked to the side as she does when she's very serious about something): Kewsey, dometimes I just want to be awone. Pwease don't talk to me when I want to be awone. Dometimes I want to pway with you, but dometimes I don't.

Kelsey: Ok sweetie, I know that sometimes you want to be alone. Sometimes I want to be by myself too.

Stacy: Danks, honey!

Sooo grown up! And yet so funny, too! I love their use of "sweetie" and "honey" with each other--it just cracks me up! Kelsey started it this summer and Stacy's picked it up too.

I'm such a lucky Mama!