Nothing lately has struck me as "blog worthy", but I thought I'd post quickly to let you all know we're still here!

It's been snowing a lot lately...our temps have been just above freezing so it's mostly slush. Scott spent most of Thursday and Friday out plowing with his crew. What a great way to spend Thanksgiving! It seems the investment in Alaska raingear and footwear is paying off, though. He's come home mostly dry and warm both days...of course there are the heated cabs to thank, too!

The girls and I have been busy doing this and that. Wednesday found us preparing our turkey for Thursday and baking our contributions to the community Thanksgiving potluck at the school. The potluck was a great success--a good turnout and good food! Thursday I wrapped up a few Christmas gifts I'd been working on while the turkey roasted (our turkey turned out AWESOME, btw...can't say the same for our dressing, though!). Yesterday we made a birthday present for Moo Grandpa and worked on our Christmas tree. I bought a little 18" tree at Michael's since the girls and I will be out of town for the holiday and we don't really have room for anything bigger anyway! I didn't bring any ornaments up with us and that's turned out to be a great thing. Kelsey is turning every scrap of paper in our house into a Christmas ornament! She's having a great deal of fun making, hanging, and rearranging her creations.

That brings us to the moment the girls are coloring Christmas pictures to hang on our friends' doors. It's quickly become a tradition around here!


  1. Priceless on decorating & rearranging the home made oranaments for the tree. Know they are the best ornaments of all. :-)
    moo gdma


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