Today's Production

In addition to the usual stuff, I managed to whip up these 8 items for a bazaar Jaiden is organizing to raise money to buy pet food for pets in need this winter! 3 paperback covers and 5 lunchbags. Not too bad for having two little ones to tend to as well! :-)

The girls got creative this morning, too. Here we are finger painting right after breakfast...yes, some paint also got on the paper!

And I'll leave you with two cute quotes from the last few days.

Kelsey: "I can't ballerina dance Mom! I have a band-aid on my finger!"

Stacy: "Can I have more milk please? Just a splash!"

Can't help but smile now, can you?!?!


  1. They look great! Thank you so much! I'm very excited. :)

    About the paint, if you could get a roll of 8' seamless (photo background paper) you could let them paint their whole bodies and walk all over it and then use it as wall-paper in their room. :) It's pretty inexpensive, you could get it online or at a photography supply store in Anchorage.

    I have done the grown up version of this for art classes and it's pretty fun.


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