"When I a baby..."

It seems that if you're Stacy, all the good stuff happened "When I a baby". It's her most commonly used phrase lately. She applies it to all sorts of situations. For instance while playing dolls she'll tell me "When I a baby, I weared diapers," or "When I a baby, I used this bib." She also applies it to situations where she's been told 'no'.

I say, "Stacy, please don't jump off that."

She replies, "When I a baby, I jump off dat." Well, not really, but...:-)

Kelsey's new word is "apparently". She can *almost* use it correctly, too.

I say, "Kelsey, would you like butter or Miracle Whip on your sandwich?"

She says, "Apparently I'd like Miracle Whip." Hmmmm...


  1. Love it! I laughed out loud!!! :) Jack has used the "when I was a baby I jumped off the couch"...I seriously doubt that. But, I suppose it's worth a try!

    Too cute about "apparently!" Aren't kids the best??? :)


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