Friday, July 31

Dads and Daughters

This has been rolling around in my head all week!

Last Sunday I walked the Lacamas Lake 1/2 Marathon. Since the temperature that day was well into the upper 90's I was glad that the walk began at 7. Of course, that meant leaving my house at 5:30 allow for a trip to Starbucks on the way! The girls are usually up between 5:30 and 6, so I left at 5:15 to avoid being 'caught' leaving. Of course I had the usual mommy guilt about not being there in the morning. I envisioned upset girls and Scott at his wits end. Silly me!

When I got home that night and caught up the the girls, I realized that often my fear of leaving them and my guilt about doing so prevents them from really having that fun time with Daddy. No, they didn't obsess for hours about my not being there first thing! Instead they conned Scott into making them fresh pancakes and letting them eat said pancakes in the kitchen at their picnic table in their pajamas! Nobody cried for hours, in fact all week I've heard little tidbits about how "when you were at work Daddy..." (note: to simplify explanations, we often call wherever someone went 'work'--fewer questions from Kelsey, ourprofessional interrogator!).

So here's my vow--next time I'm invited/asked/required to do something that involves leaving the kids at a time that's out of my comfort zone, I'll remember what a special opportunity it provides the rest of my family!

Thursday, July 30

The Table is Mine!

Well, today was the conclusion of the great table search! I purchased this one from a family in Camas who had just moved it across the country from the midwest. It'll be one well-traveled table by the time it gets to Alaska!

The vinyl doesn't all match and is particularly icky on the captain's chair, but the table has two leaves and furthermore, I love it! I drug it as far as my mom and dad's house with their car where it awaits an empytish truck headed to Yacolt. Now keep your fingers crossed for me that there will be room for it in the moving trailer! You'll be hearing and seeing more about this table this winter as I embark on the reupholstering journey!

Good news from the North today! They will indeed have a 3 bedroom apartment available in a timely fashion. It becomes available on 9/1 and (drumroll please!) it's a harbor view! It's on the 8th floor, so the view will be something like this, although this webcam is on the 14th floor Now I'm awaiting the measurements of the place so I can make decisions about what other furniture goes and what gets stored.

In other news, I'm pleased to announce that for the first time in 4 days we were able to begin the cooling off process of the house BEFORE 9m! It's 84 degrees inside and outside at 8:11 today. That's a record for this week! Our hottest in the shade has been 106, 111 in the sun! Many thanks to Uncle Carl for pointing out that the temperature in Whittier yesterday was half of the temperature here! :-)

Tuesday, July 28

The Table Search

So a bit more on the BTI. If you haven't already heard this story, the BTI is one of two apartment buildings in Whittier. The BTI was built by the army in 1953 and is 14 stories tall. There are few (if any) houses in Whittier--everyone lives in either the BTI or the other building, the Manor. Since it was built in the 50's, many apartments still sport the original metal cabinets, pink bathroom tile, etc.

Now for a very long time I have wanted one of those 50's dinette sets. The ones with the formica tops, chrome legs, and vinyl chairs. The style would have looked silly though, in our Yacolt house. Now I am seeing Whittier as the perfect opportunity to procure one. But there isn't one to be had at a reasonable price! I'm scouring Craigslist daily and will continue to do so in hopes that the perfect table and chairs become available at the perfect price...of course with my luck I'll find one and then move into one of the apartments that's been remodeled! :-)

Sunday, July 26


I consider any day in which I walk 13.1 miles and then home come to tackle packing the craft room to be a success! I doubt I'll have any trouble falling asleep tonight, that's for sure!

The walk turned out to be quite fun. I had not been looking forward to it since the forecast today was for HOT and I don't really do HOT. Fortunately much of the route was shaded and it was quite pleasant. I walked with a friend of mine from school and a friend of hers. We all agreed that up to mile 10 was no biggie, but after that it was hard work. Good thing I wasn't looking to set any records because it took us a ridiculously long time to finish...almost 4 hours!

As for the craft room, one garbage bag, one recycling bin and several boxes later I have it mostly whittled down to what I hope to be able to take with me. The major thing left to do is go through my fabric--no small job!

I suppose I should attempt to get off this stool and back to work--I'm afraid if I sit too long I won't get back up until tomorrow!

Saturday, July 25

Out of the Kitchen

Out of the kitchen I managed to fill 5 boxes of 'non essential' stuff that's staying here and not making the trek north. To begin with, anything used only when company comes over didn't make the cut. Next it was anything we have more than one of. The set of 3 nesting colanders we got as a wedding gift? Only 1 goes. 2 serving bowls the same size? Only 1 goes. You get the picture.

Amazingly enough I still had energy after that to venture into our master bedroom closet. If you've seen my closet you know that's no small feat! We've been totally spoiled in this house by a closet that's bigger than some people's bedrooms. It's all great until you have to pack it up. Luckily I had tackled the closet earlier this spring, hauling 2 big garbage bags of junk to Goodwill, so it wasn't quite the task it could have been.

After all that it was time to head over to our friends' house, let the girls play with their buddy and cool off in their new 'big enough for moms too' pool. Scott didn't join us in the pool, but did enjoy lounging on their deck after a day of running tractor and roller helping them get ready for their new shed. Now the girls are in bed and I'm off to contemplate why I signed on to walk a 1/2 marathon tomorrow!

Friday, July 24

3 Weeks

Well, we have three weeks to pull this all off! Started packing today--we've planned a garage sale for August 8. This is a great opportunity to get rid of some stuff. It seems like as soon as you have a more space you accumulate more stuff.

The huge push has been getting all of the appropriate documents for Scott and his dad to cross the border on the drive up. The girls and I will be flying, so that's not nearly so demanding. Through lots of web surfing and talking to people we've found that the enhanced driver's license seems like the way to go, so Scott will be heading off to the DMV tomorrow AM to take care of that. The EDL takes 2-3 week versus the passport's 4-6. You can expedite a passport to 2-4 weeks for a fistful of money.

We haven't talked to the kids about the move yet, but given Kelsey's exceptional questioning abilities (read: her favorite word is 'why') I'm sure it won't take long for them to wonder why the boxes are piling up and our stuff is disappearing. Don't worry, I'm sure Stacy will be happy to answer Kelsey's question with her favorite answer, "Why? Because I want to!". :-)

Thursday, July 23

North to Alaska

Well it's official everyone! This post marks the beginning of our journey to Alaska. We won't actually start the journey until the end of August, but the cleaning, sorting, packing and such has begun!

For those who haven't yet heard, our family is relocating from Yacolt, WA to Whittier, AK. Scott has accepted the position of Director of Public Works for the city of Whittier. Whittier has quite and interesting history--there's a bit about it on the city's website
if you're interested in that sort of thing!

Sooooo, stay tuned here for the latest about our progress on deciding what stuff from our 2400 square foot house is important enough to take with us to our 950 square foot apartment and new about our new life in the north!