Wednesday, February 29

More Projects

I have been sewing lately!  Here's a simple black pencil skirt for me...

With a fun little rainbow facing!  I just couldn't cut two tiny facings out of the big piece of fabric left.  Now there's enough for another skirt...'cause everyone needs TWO black pencil skirts, right??  This pattern was clearly made for someone with an (ahem!) curvier shape than I have!  I had to bust out my ruler and draw a straight line from the waist to the hemline to make it fit me.  Now it is perfect!

And then there's this fun little hat!  We are celebrating Dr. Seuss this week and Friday is crazy hat day.  I didn't have a crazy hat, so I found the pattern for this online and made it.  It has six pieces, so it is a rainbow going around my head!  Crazy, indeed!!!

Photo a Day

today's subject: something you're listening to

my photo: my new MP3 player

Tuesday, February 28

Photo a Day

today's subject: money

Birthday Sewing

I did some sewing for K's birthday last week, but the items were so popular that I've been unable to photograph them--she's either been wearing them or I've been washing them!  Here they are at long last...clean!

First up, her birthday shirt.  It proudly proclaims the wearer to be 6!!

Next up is the twirly dress.  I've made these for the girls before, but the darn kids keep outgrowing them!  This was a request and a huge hit! They love the full circle skirt for you guessed it...twirling!   Someone else is requesting one for a birthday in April.  The pattern is the Twirly Dress from Sew Baby.  Many thanks to Gwen for turning me on to this pattern several years ago.  It has served us well, but now we're reaching the end of the size good!

There you go!  Stay tuned and maybe I'll get around to taking pictures of a skirt I finished up for myself...

Monday, February 27

Photo a Day

today's subject: something you ate

my photo: grilled turkey and swiss on homemade bread with pesto mayo--I am completely addicted to pesto lately!

A Little More Snow

As of last Friday, the total snowfall for this winter was 380 inches.  That's nearly 32 feet folks!  Today we received close to 18 inches.  Whittier's record was set in 1998 at 435 inches (36.25 feet!)  Since March is usually the snowiest month around here, we're on track to break that record.  What do you do when you get 36.26 or more feet of snow?  Plan a party!  We're calling it the "436 Party" and are tossing around ideas of activities and such.

In the meantime, we continue to venture out when we can.  Yesterday the girls and I braved the wind and snow for some sledding outside. 

 While we were playing, Scott was working--driving the snowblower!

The snow is absolutely ridiculous out there!  The school playground has completely disappeared...anyone want to bet on when we'll see the pea gravel again?

Anyone?? :-)

Sunday, February 26

Photo a Day

today's subject: night

Saturday, February 25

Kelsey's Birthday

We celebrated Kelsey's 6th birthday this week!  Her birthday fell mid-week, so we celebrated that day with cupcakes at school

 and going out to dinner at the Inn at Whittier.

Our family tradition is that the birthday kid gets to choose what to eat on her birthday--this is the first time someone has requested to go out to dinner...I'm still not sure how I feel about that! :-)  One thing I am sure about...the view there is unsurpassed!

Then on Friday we had a little party here at our place...lots of fun for everyone!  Kelsey chose the dogs!  I also made a bacon ranch pasta salad (yum!) and of course...birthday cake!  I frosted the whole thing using the grass tip, then used some things from the toy box to decorate it.  She seemed pleased...and has already requested another cake "just like it, but with different horses" for next year!

Happy Birthday, Kelsey!

Photo a Day

Today's subject: green

My photo: K's birthday cake--the frosting is so green it stains you!

Friday, February 24

Photo a Day

today's subject: inside your medicine cabinet

my photo: inside our tiny, vintage medicine cabinet

{this moment}

{this moment} - A weekly ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. 

Inspired by SouleMama.

Thursday, February 23

Photo a Day

today's subject: your shoes

my photo:  I love these shoes!  I bought them for Juneau and am so pleased with them!

Wednesday, February 22

Photo a Day

today's subject: where you work

my photo: where I do most of my school work...on my end of the couch!

20 Birthday Questions

I found this idea over on Pinterest and thought it would make a great keepsake, so here are the 20 questions I'll ask the girls each year on their birthday--should be fun to see the answers over time!

1.  How old are you?

2.  Who is your best friend?

3.  What is your favorite thing to do?
     skate and play with Austin

4.  What is your favorite color?
     pink and purple

5.  What is your favorite food?
     birthday cake

6.  What do you like to do with your family?
     sit down and talk to them and play with them

7.  What is your favorite toy?
     I don't have a favorite toy

8.  What do you want to be when you grow up?
     Help children learn to ride horses

9.  What makes you happy?
     Seeing my family play games

10.  What makes you sad?
     The music from Spirit (the movie).

11.  What is your favorite show to watch?
     Jake and the Neverland Pirates

12.  What is your favorite book?
    horse books

13.  What do you love to learn about?

14.  What is the best part of your birthday

15.  Where do you like to go?
    to a hotel with a pool. 

16.  Who is your teacher?
    Mrs. O'Brien & Ms. Linda

17.  What is your favorite treat?
     riding a horse

18.  What do you think about before you fall asleep?
     all the horse movies I have watched

19.  If you could meet someone famous who would it be?
    Colbie Calliat

20.  What kind of cake did you have this year?
     she hasn't seen it yet...gotta wait until Friday! :-)

Seems like we have a horse crazy 6 year old on our hands!!

Six Years Old

A special little lady is turning 6 today!  It's such a cliche, but time really does fly!

Here's a little review in pictures...makes me teary to look at these!

newborn Kelsey

Kelsey, age 1
Kelsey, age 2

Kelsey, age 3
Kelsey, age 4
Kelsey, age 5

Stay tuned for a birthday picture...I'm sure we'll have plenty if my past penchant for photo snapping is any indication! :-)

Tuesday, February 21

Photo a Day

today's subject: favorite photo of you

my photo: 9-12-10, we were picnicking at the head of the bay with friends.  It must be a favorite because it has been the photo on my desktop computer for over a year and a half now!

Monday, February 20

Photo a Day

today's subject: handwriting

my photo: on the left, Stacy's handwriting practice from school today; on the right, Kelsey's writing from school today--it reads "I found the treasure, yea.  It was on an island.  Kelsey"

Date Day!

Scott and I ran into town this weekend for a date day!  We did some shopping, went to the movies and saw Big Miracle, and went out to dinner at the Southside Bistro.  Yum!  Calamari, scallops, and tiger prawns...fabulousness!  We really had a good time!  Here a few pictures from our drive in and back...

looking southeast down Turnagain Arm
looking northwest towards Anchorage
looking east from the north side of Anchorage
picturesque train (blocking the tracks, grrrr!) in Whittier
Hope you had a great weekend, too!

Sunday, February 19

Photo a Day

Today's subject: something you don't like to do

My photo: dusting, blech!

Saturday, February 18

Photo a Day

Today's subject: drinks

 My photo: drinks on date night (brought to you by my phone!)

Friday, February 17

A Trip to Juneau

Goodness!  I don't know that I have talked much about this new journey much here on the blog.  Generally I stick to family stuff here, but my new venture is very much about my family and I, so today I'll tell you a little bit about it.

Back in July, right before we took our trip down to Washington and Oregon I filled out a piece of paper that has changed my life.  I filled out the application to put my name on the ballot for my local school board.  I was running against a long time board member, but against the odds I won and was sworn in at the beginning of November.  By joining our school board I also got involved in our state association, the Alaska Association of School Boards, or AASB.  AASB provides training for local school boards, leadership training for kids, and advocates for kids across the state.  I have attended several of their events and been impressed every time!

This past week I had the opportunity to represent our school district in Juneau meeting with our state's legislators and talking with them about the great things happening in our schools and school funding.  It was such a fulfilling experience!  I learned a great deal about school funding, government, things happening in other school districts; I could go on and on!

I was hesitant to accept the invitation to go, but I am so glad I did!  I really felt like what we were doing was making a difference for kids and that our message was being heard.  I took a *huge* step out of my comfort zone and felt good about doing it.

It was an incredibly busy four days, but I was able to get away from the hotel (the historic Baranof Hotel) in the daylight and take some pictures around the downtown area.  My legs appreciated the stretch, my brain was grateful for the fresh air, and all of me was glad to see a little bit of the town!  Here are a few of my favorites for you!

statue across the street from the capital

clock on the corner
back door of a book store

Photo a Day

Today's subject: time

My photo: out of time at the "Kids vs. Old Fogies" basketball game tonight--the kids were the home team

Thursday, February 16

Photo a Day

Today's subject: something new

My photo: Valentine chocolates (dark, my fave!!!) from my sweet hubby!

Wednesday, February 15

Photo a Day

Today's subject: phone

My photo:  my phone and the pile of paperwork I accumulated in Juneau and am attempting to sort through this morning!

Tuesday, February 14

Photo a Day

Today's subject: hearts

Monday, February 13

Photo a Day

Today's Subject: blue

My photo: the carpets in the Alaska State Capital builiding