It got up to 41 degrees today!!!!  We haven't seen temps that warm since sometime back in October.  It was wonderful!  It has made the streets a sloppy mess, but it sure was nice to be outside and have it be pleasant!

Moo Grandma is up visiting and helping me out tremendously by watching the girls while I make a trip to Juneau in my role as a school board member.  She is not quite used to the volume of snow we had, but was happy to go out with us today and play!


  1. I wish it snowed here!! looks like yall had a great time.


  2. Tell Penny we are glad she is having so much fun. . . . . but she better not bring any of that stuff home with her!!!!

  3. What a wonderful--good--fun--time we all had in the snow. Snow balls were flying right & left & we all enjoyed. Angels were on the list as well. Good time :-)


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