Birthday Sewing

I did some sewing for K's birthday last week, but the items were so popular that I've been unable to photograph them--she's either been wearing them or I've been washing them!  Here they are at long last...clean!

First up, her birthday shirt.  It proudly proclaims the wearer to be 6!!

Next up is the twirly dress.  I've made these for the girls before, but the darn kids keep outgrowing them!  This was a request and a huge hit! They love the full circle skirt for you guessed it...twirling!   Someone else is requesting one for a birthday in April.  The pattern is the Twirly Dress from Sew Baby.  Many thanks to Gwen for turning me on to this pattern several years ago.  It has served us well, but now we're reaching the end of the size good!

There you go!  Stay tuned and maybe I'll get around to taking pictures of a skirt I finished up for myself...