She Sews!

I imagine that some people have a lovely little (or big!) basket where they collecting mending and all of those other little jobs that require a few stitches here and there.  I'm sure it looks lovely all sitting there and that those same people are religious about mending weekly or so.  Not me.  When it needs mending/altering I throw it on the sewing table, then shuffle it around for weeks, sometimes even months before I buckle down and do it.  Sewing what I want to sew is so much fun than sewing what I need to sew!  Sunday I got down to business and tackled the pile, though.  I mended a dinosaur puppet for the preschool teacher, altered two pairs of pants and fixed a PJ top for Stacy, took in two shirts of my own, finished up a project I teased you with a long time ago,  and made myself a new skirt!  Most of it is not photo-worthy, but here are a few shots of the more fun things.

Here's my colorful and festive birthday banner.  I first showed you pics of it in the works back here.  I am planning to use it to decorate for the girls' birthdays.

And here's my new skirt! I'll be honest, I feel weird putting these pictures of myself up like this.  I bought a remote for my camera and I first tried it out here, where you'll notice I cropped my head off!  It worked there, but to me these photos looked even weirder without my head, so here I am in all my cheesy glory!

The skirt was quick and easy and only took 1 yard of fabric!  I used this tutorial over at Darling Petunia.  Worked out quite well and it isn't bulky in the waist which is always my fear with pull-on skirts.  The fabric is a remnant I have been holding on to because I knew I wanted to make a skirt from it.  Just wasn't sure which skirt!  Now...where to wear it?  After I made it I decided it would look great with some boots like these..

image source

But so far I have resisted ordering them.  Given that I have worn a skirt less than a dozen times in the last three years I guess maybe I should see if I wear the darn thing before spending $30+ on some boots, huh?