A Little More Snow

As of last Friday, the total snowfall for this winter was 380 inches.  That's nearly 32 feet folks!  Today we received close to 18 inches.  Whittier's record was set in 1998 at 435 inches (36.25 feet!)  Since March is usually the snowiest month around here, we're on track to break that record.  What do you do when you get 36.26 or more feet of snow?  Plan a party!  We're calling it the "436 Party" and are tossing around ideas of activities and such.

In the meantime, we continue to venture out when we can.  Yesterday the girls and I braved the wind and snow for some sledding outside. 

 While we were playing, Scott was working--driving the snowblower!

The snow is absolutely ridiculous out there!  The school playground has completely disappeared...anyone want to bet on when we'll see the pea gravel again?

Anyone?? :-)