Monday, September 28

A Good Weekend

A good weekend here in Whittier! Sunny and and a bit breezy, but sunny!

Saturday found us putting snow tires on my car and the girls riding trikes. In the afternoon we all went to both the city park and the school playground. Saturday evening Scott left for a fishing trip on the Kenai Peninsula, so the girls and I popped in to the 2nd annual Whittier bonfire. It was chilly and nearly bedtime, so we didn't stay long.

Sunday the girls and I headed for Anchorage to continue on 'Mission Stock Up" for groceries for the winter. They were great helpers, so after a much too short nap in the car, we stopped in Girdwood at their phenomenal city park on the way home. After we unloaded all of the groceries and other stuff (3 trips in the elevator with a cart + 2 very tired little girls = FUN) into the apartment we had to put it all away!

Today tried my hand at making bagels...not a total flop, but not a huge success, either. I used the recipe from my trusty BH&G cookbook. They're a little rubbery. The recipe had me broil, boil, then bake them. I think they may have boiled a little too long. A few of them came out looking like shrunken heads...others looked more like bagels. I'll have to look at a few more recipes and do some tweaking! My next experiment will be english muffins...

Thursday, September 24

Falling into a Routine

As I was puffing away on the treadmill this AM I realized we've fallen into a little routine here. The girls have been getting up between 6 and 6:30. It works out well since Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on at 6:30. After watching Mickey Mouse we get dressed, have breakfast and play a little, then Scott leaves for work around 7:50. After he goes the girls play (usually babies) until 9, then I suit up to hit the treadmill and I get them going with play dough or watercolors. They play and/or watch Sesame Street while I run and then I get a shower--usually with no one else in the bathroom!

Next we run down to mail any letters for the day, and then we either go out or back home to play a bit more. Scott's home for lunch around 12:15 most days and the girls go down for a nap around 12:30 or 1. They're up around 2:30 or 3 and then we play outside or go over to the school if it's a gym day (the roller skates are still a big hit!). We begin fixing dinner around 5, Scott's home around 6 and then it's dinner, baths, and bedtime.
The days pass quickly as you can see! I am finding that ages 2 and 3 are great for being a stay at home mom. They're finally old enough that they can play together for more than 5 minutes at a time!

On another note, Scott went fishing last night after work. He caught two silvers (salmon) in the first ten minutes. He and a friend also hitched a boat ride, then his buddy took our salmon home to smoke them for us.

Tuesday, September 22

More Sun!

Wow--I'm in awe of how lucky we've been with the weather! A few days of rain and then a day or two of sun, then more rain, more sun...well, you get the picture!

Lucky us, the girls slept until 6:30 today! And the girls were DELIGHTED to wake up and discover that Mickey Mouse Club is on here at 6:30...what more can you ask for?

Today we skipped storytime at the school in favor of playing outside. The girls have been wanting to play on the school playground so we headed over there. It has a tire swing which guaranteed it would be a hit! Tomorrow we'll venture over to the school for lunch. They're fundraising to go see the Lion King performed in Anchorage. The lunch tomorrow is one of their fundraising efforts, which we'll gladly support!

Saturday, September 19

Catching Up

My computer has been somewhat moody lately, so I've had trouble posting. I'm going to give it a try again today though!

Thursday we ventured over to the school to meet up with the high school teacher. We had perfect timing as we arrived at the beginning of play time in the gym, unbeknownst to us! Turns out playtime is Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 3:30-4:30. The girls had A BLAST! All that fun school gym stuff plus roller skates (a *huge* hit!), trikes, cars, etc. Apparently sometimes it also includes crafts and/or organized games. We had fun just having fun...toddlers on rollerskates sounded scarier to me than it turned out to be. The girls loved it and although they fell, they were never going fast enough that it was a big deal.

Friday dawned sunny and clear, so we hit the park twice to soak up the sun. The sunrise was beautiful. In the late morning we went to play and packed along our picnic lunch. Scott's office is half a block or so from the park, so he joined us at lunchtime. After naps we headed back down with our sand toys in tow to make the most of the giant sandbox down there.

Today we headed into Anchorage to run errands and stock up. Of course, with the kids in tow we only got half of our list accomplished! Oh well...we can always head back in another time. We did purchase a freezer, so that increased our storage capacity greatly. Not knowing exactly what winter brings we felt like being stocked up would be in our best interest.

On the way home from Anchorage we stopped by the park in Girdwood and the Alaska Wildlife Conservation (pics, see link above). The girls had fun at both which was good, since they hadn't had much fun in town.

Girdwood park, big kids play area

Girdwood park sandbox

Elk at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Oddly enough I learned today that one need not show any sort of ID to transfer the title and registration of one's car to Alaska, but I cannot get my AK driver's license without my current license, my original SS card, my proof of residency, my birth certificate, AND my marriage license. Needless to say, I didn't have all of those documents with me! As a result, Dusty is adorned with her new Alaksa plates commemorating 50 years of statehood, but I am driving her with my WA license! Go figure!

Thursday, September 17

Day Three

This morning we hit the laundromat on the first floor. Of course I am using the term laundromat's 3 washers and 2 dryers. The good news is that 2 of the 3 washers are those great laundromat HUGE capacity washers, so you can do almost 2 standard loads at once. At $3/load to wash and 25 cents/10 minutes of drying it was an expensive morning. Certainly kept us busy, though!

Afterwords I even hauled my butt onto the treadmill. I have to run looking out over the harbor...a great hardship! During my 30 minute stint I got to watch the ferry leave, a barge leave, and a large fishing boat return to dock.

This afternoon the girls and I are going over to check out the school and introduce ourselves. Hopefully we can make some friends!

Wednesday, September 16

We're Here!!

At last we're here! The weather on our first day was BEAUTIFUL, although the rain rolled in overnight so today's looking a little wetter. The girls were great on the airplane. K told everyone who would listen that we were moving to Alaska and we'd get to see our Daddy pretty soon. We rented DigE Players and Stacy actually fell asleep for about an hour. The scene at the airport was from the movies--Scott on the bench reading the newspaper, Kelsey spotting him and taking off at a sprint, Scott looking up and seeing her and his whole face lighting up. Priceless! Stacy was a bit grumpy about being awakened for the descent, so it took her a little longer to tune in to what was going on. We hit the last tunnel into town and had to wake both kids up once more to show them their "Alaska Home". After a brief tour, we all settled in for a late night to be followed by an early morning!

Scott had worked very hard and had the whole kitchen unpacked and set up, the girls' bunk beds assembled, and our bed assembled. It was great to walk in and see the big pile of flattened boxes that he had already unpacked.

Yesterday we spent our morning unpacking a few toys (I figure a few at a's like brand-new toys again!), finding the girls' bedding, cleaning the kitchen, etc. In the afternoon we hit the city's rustic but the kids didn't seem to mind at all! There's a play house, monkey bars, some loader tires for climbing, swings, rocking toys, and the biggest hit was a sandbox.

Today I am hoping to unpack some more, clean some more, and maybe do a little laundry...

kitchen and dining area

play room/craft room

living room

master bedroom

girls' bedroom

Monday, September 14

Alaska Day is Here

Well today is the day..."Alaska Day" as the kids dubbed it weeks ago when we began this process. What a day of mixed emotions--delighted to be reunited with my husband and have my family together. On the other hand, so sad to be leaving all my family and friends in Vancouver/Portland behind.

Keep in touch everyone, and I'll post as soon as I get my way cleared to a computer setup in Alaska!

Friday, September 11


Wow...what a busy week we've had! We've gotten to see some friends and family and gotten some last minute things wrapped up. Now to celebrate we're off to the beach tomorrow morning for the weekend. We're going to stay in Tillamook and pay a visit to the Tillamook cheese factory. We have to pay homage to the makers of one of the girls' favorite foods!

I've made some progress on the PJ pants...all 3 pairs are nearly done. The girls' need waistbands and hemming, mine just hemming. Hopefully I can finish them up tonight!

Monday's the big day...we're so excited to be all back together again!

Sunday, September 6

He's Got the Keys!!!

To my heart...and to a 3 bedroom apartment in the BTI in Whittier, AK!! :-) Now he's planning the great trailer emptying...great fun using the two elevators on our end of the building. We're all excited and looking forward to being together again soon!

A picture would be great here, but I don't have one! Scott's hoping to upload some soon...stay tuned!

Saturday, September 5

A Hard Day's Work

Not easy to get this all canned (even with 3 adults!) with two toddlers in the house!

Friday, September 4

Quick Update

Thought I'd take a minute to sum up our week--busy!

I finished up two Elmo & Zoe nightgowns for the girls--they're HUGE (and I made them in a smaller size!) but the girls love them regardless. I also purchased flannel today to make the 3 of us matching PJ pants. Sort of goofy I know, but also cheaper as the good flannel is from Craft Warehouse and by making them matching I got to use the 40% off coupon on 4.5 yards instead of on just a yard or two.

We've also had several playdates, visited the Washougal library, and the girls spent a day and a night with Gma and Gpa Moo.

I also bday shopped for a few people with bdays in the next few weeks, and tried to help out a little around the house!

Scott started working this week, so he's been fairly busy between that and trying to Skype with all of us down here!