Whittier Winterfest

Our coastal location makes planning outdoor events nearly impossible, but a group of hopeful citizens took a lucky guess and scheduled Whittier Winterfest for last Saturday. They couldn't have picked a better day! The weather was perfect for being outside and the turnout was fantastic!

Winterfest was held down at our new community ice rink. A dedicated group of volunteers have been maintaining the rink daily. Volunteers also decorated the rink with a banner made by the primary class at school. Still more wonderful community members provided a variety of snacks and hot drinks. There was music, a burn barrel for warming yourself, beautiful wrist streamers, and a crazy hat contest. And there were kids! Lots of kids! Skating, snacking, and having a good time. OUTSIDE! It truly was a wonderful afternoon.

As a sidenote, I'd just like to give a shout out to the McDonald Center in Eagle River. They have an ice rink and replaced their entire stock of rental skates this season, donating their old set to the community of Whittier. Their generosity is amazing and so greatly appreciated. Kelly Bender, proprietress of our local Lazy Otter Cafe lives in Eagle River in the winters and made the connection for us. She also delivered boxes upon boxes of skates to Anchorage for pickup by various Whittier residents. Whittier kids have also been the recipients of 7 boxes of hockey gear from a wonderful donor in California. The outpouring of support for our small community has been truly heartwarming!


  1. alot of fun all of you had. Love each & every picture. Thanks :-) Glad it turned out so will for Whittier's Winterfest :-)


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