Stacy is 11!

She's 11!  Stacy's birthday fell on a Tuesday this year which is our bible study night.  Our pastor's wife loves to make cakes and had the week off so she asked if she could make a cake for the birthday girl.  Stacy said, "Yes, please!" and Mrs. Debra got right to work.  Another friend made those pink-dipped rice crispy treats on a stick in the photo.  Stacy had lots of fun celebrating with our bible study community. 

Earlier in the day she opened her gift from Kelsey...a real metal Slinky!  They were both so excited about it!  We've only had plastic Slinkies before, so the metal one was pretty fun for them.

At lunch, Stacy figured the circumference, counted the coils and estimated the length of the metal used to make a slinky.  Real world math, people!

She had a fun day.  This year she didn't want as much spotlight attention on herself, so things were a little more low-key than in years past.  Growing up!