Happy Easter!

We celebrated Easter with an early service at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center again this year.  It was much warmer this year, and they had some breakfast options for after the service as well!  There was a food truck selling breakfast and a fundraiser breakfast happening in their new building, Bison Hall.  We opted for breakfast in Bison Hall, which is a really neat building! 

We visited a few critters and then headed home.  It was such a nice day when we got back that the girls and I took Trapper on a snowy hike.

We only saw a couple of snow machines, but their tracks sure made walking easier!

Sunshine...we love you!

We should have put Trapper in his snowsuit though--he ended up with tons of snowballs in his paws that we had to stop periodically and melt out.  Lesson learned.  When it was all over we had big smiles and one tuckered pup!

Hope you had a happy Easter