Washington--Korbe History and OMSI

When we were in Kansas several years ago we all had fun visiting places that were fixtures of Scott's dad's childhood.  We visited the little town where he grew up, drove past the house he lived in, went to church at the Catholic church his family attended, and played on the school playground of the grade school he attended.  It was neat to see the places we had heard about in stories.  This summer Stacy asked his mom if she would show us some of the same things in Portland from her childhood.  We drove around north Portland all morning, and even ate lunch at Darcy's which is located in what was once the 'Power Tool Center' Scott's grandpa's (his mom's dad's) hardware store.  Here's the house she lived in until she was 10...

...and the house next door that they moved into when they left the home above...

And Portsmouth school where she went to elementary school.

We drove by the church where Scott's parents were married and where the family later attended church.

As is often the case with Catholic churches and schools, Scott's elementary was next door to the church.

We visited the nearby boat ramp under the St. John's Bridge where Scott and his dad launched for many fishing and water skiing trips.

We drove past Scott's childhood home...

...and the home where Chris lived with his mom and step-dad when he met Penny.

It's so fun to hear stories and neat to see the places where some of those stories took place.  The kids are still talking about seeing "grandma's house when she was little" and so on.

After lunch we went over to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI).  We visited OMSI several years ago with Scott's folks and had lots of fun.  Safe to say we had even more fun this time!  Kelsey's favorite was the Pompeii exhibit...when we came home she told everyone who asked about our trip that the Pompeii exhibit was something they should go to Portland to see.

Another big hit this time around was the chemistry lab....so fun!

Grandpa liked the static electricity display again...

We ended the day at the wind tunnel.  We've played with wind tunnels in lots of places, including our own school, but I love this idea of using it to create art--the goal was to make something that would catch on things already hanging from the ceiling.  So cool!

OMSI, thanks for being awesome!  One of these days I am going to visit that submarine, but we ran out of time on this visit.