Talkeetna with Grandpa

One afternoon while we were at the cabin, we loaded up and headed into Talkeetna.  We wanted to grab some groceries and show Grandpa some touristy stuff.  Talkeetna is full of fun stuff to see!

We walked around town a bit, stopping at shops and things along the way.  This old Mercedes is pretty neat!  The we stopped at this shop that was clearly a summertime shelter, but the proprietor had taken the time to cover it in these tree cookies!  They made a neat background for photos...

We walked around town, stopping at the Talkeenta Ranger Station.  It was pretty neat for Stacy because she got No Summit Out of Sight for Christmas which tells the story of Jordan Romero, the youngest person to climb the seven summits.  She loved the book!  She had me read it too and it was a pretty inspirational story for a kid!  She's pretty much recommending it to everyone she knows. At the ranger station they had some crampons on display and she immediately recalled the book and was excited, "Is this what Jordan wore?", etc.  The climber board was pretty neat too.  It shows how many people are on the mountain, how many have summited for the season, etc.  Crazy that there are more climbers on Denali than there are year-round residents in Whittier!

We also went to the Susitna Salmon Center which was basically an art gallery and gift shop that supports salmon stream restoration and study.  They had some fish tanks upstairs to educate folks as well. There was some neat art that I was really interested in, including this beautiful mosaic salmon totem pole (of sorts)!

As we walked around town we also saw lots of interesting people and vehicles!  I wanted this camp trailer.  It would look good behind my 1954 Chevy Nomad, wouldn't it?  According to the side of it, it had been restored in Colorado.

Dad also liked this bikebus.  We stalked it around town so we could get a picture of it!

We also visited and saw several historical sights around town.  The Talkeetna Historical Society has been busy!  Their centennial was last year and they did a nice job pulling things together for it.  I'd like to go back and visit their museum some time...

This is a cabin they're in the process of readying for display.

This is the inside of another cabin we came across while walking around town.

We had dinner at the famous Mountain High Pizza Pie.  My kids love that place, and who is going to argue with their huge outdoor eating area?  And good pizza on top of it!  It was a fun afternoon, even if I did forget to take a picture of the kids and grandpa eating ice cream on the bench outside of Nagley's!