Spring Break--Part Two

Fairbanks brought our first VRBO experience.  Yeah...we're a bit behind the times!  We stayed at this house, which was reasonably priced and a wonderful home base for our time in town.  It also turned out to be within walking distance of our friend's house, which was great as well.

When in Fairbanks during spring break, one must attend the World Ice Art Championships.  We've attended for several years now, and every year is so fun!  This year we bundled Grandma and Grandpa up and headed out to the park.  There were so many beautiful carvings, but here are a few of my favorites...

Later that night we geared up again to check out the sculptures lit up after dark.  They look so different!

It was chilly while we were there--the coldest temperature we saw was -25.  Grandma and Grandpa were troopers though--they bundled up and got outside with the rest of us!  We headed back down to the cabin on Tuesday (March 14) and spent the rest of our week there.  I didn't take a lot of pictures of that part, but we snow machined, played, picnicked, rested, and just hung out.  I finished an afghan during the week and we played lots of board games and watched a few movies.  The girls had a sleepover with a cabin friend, and we took these fun pictures to show how much they've grown up over the last few winters.  They started riding the little machine several winters ago, and this year we got the bigger machine for them to share.

It was a great week and we were so glad to get to share Fairbanks with you, Chris & Penny!