Independence Mine With Grandpa

On the way back to Whittier from the cabin, we took my dad up to Independence Mine.  The girls and I first went there in 2014 and a bit later in the year so we were able to do the whole Hatcher Pass loop.  As it was earlier in the summer, the road from Willow was not yet open, so we went up and back from Palmer.

Things have changed there a bit and the girls are older, so it was fun to go back and see it all again.  The views on the way are half of the's a breathtaking drive!

Last time we took a guided tour around the mine.  This visit we opted to explore on our own.  It was  a good way to stretch our legs a bit in the middle of a long car ride.  I wrote about the history of the mine last time...that part hasn't changed.  The kids were more interested in the whole thing this time.  3 years makes a big difference in that department!

It was a fun afternoon, and I think Grandpa had fun too!