Grandpa is Retired!

My dad retired on June 2 and came to visit us on June 8.  We were sure exited to see him!  We picked him up at the airport and headed up to the cabin.  Dad was looking forward to checking out our new place and we were anxious to show it off!

We spent lots of time outside over the next week...

We worked on a couple of projects as well.  Scott and Dad added skirting to the bottom of the house on three sides.  It serves to enclose, protect, and insulate under the house a bit as well as stabilize it.  Since it was built on stilts, every time someone moved in the house the whole place shook.  It's much less shaky now.

Dad and Scott also put in our removable dock for the summer.

Dad tested it out later...

I did a whole bunch of weedeating which my dad thoughtfully documented for me!

Dad helped the girls plant some seeds and broke ground on a potato plot for me.  The ground up there is easy digging...once you chip through the root layer on top.  He had to chop through tree roots up to 2" in diameter.  Hard work!

Grandpa and Kelsey made a swing!

Stacy and Grandpa made a bow!

We enjoyed work time and play time!

We also took a few side trips that I'll tell you about separately since this is approaching the longest blog post ever.  My mom retires at the end of August...come on up, Grandma.  The t-shirt is right...