First Weekend at OUR Cabin

After Stacy's birthday we headed up to our cabin.  We were all very excited, including our friend and special guest, Lindsey!  Stacy spent the two weeks leading up to the trip planning what we should all bring (it should all fit in one bag) and how we should pack it (in a backpack) and what we should eat and...yeah.  She's a planner, that one!  The excitement of the cabin overshadowed her birthday excitement even.  Kelsey was excited too, but she's a quieter planner.

We weren't sure exactly what we were walking into (yes, driveway yet...), but we loaded up our stuff, our quad, and our sense of adventure and headed off.  It's still freezing at night here and we weren't sure about the heat situation, so we packed warm PJs, slippers, sleeping bags and we went for it.

We arrived Friday night and since it is Alaska, it was still light!  We took our loads up stuff up to the house and settled in.  It was a bit chilly in the house without heat (mid 50's) but we all slept just fine.  In the AM we discovered that the stove and oven were indeed working, so we made coffee and cocoa to go with our breakfast.

Our seller arrived on Saturday mid-morning to pick up some things he wanted to take home with him and to give us a run-through of the systems.  The cabin has a 500 watt solar panel and a 12 volt battery system with a kerosene heater on the first floor and a propane heater on the second floor.  We learned how to turn on the heat (the kids were happy with this!) and began making a very long list of things to bring up.  I worked on cleaning the place and purging expired food and things we didn't need while Scott and Lindsey surveyed and marked property lines on both of our parcels.

It was such a fun weekend and one we'll always remember!  By the time we went home on Sunday we had 8 bags of trash, and a bag of things to give away.  We arrived home happy and full of plans for our next visit!