Stacy's Birthday

Stacy had a birthday!!  She doesn't love having her picture taken these days, but here she is at her picnic...

She's 10 now and we celebrated with a BBQ at the head of the bay.  Lots of friends, food, and fun!  She really wanted to celebrate outside, and decided to make cupcakes for her guests because she thought they would be easier to eat than slices of cake.  In a moment of mom genius I bought ice cream to serve with the cupcakes, took it to the picnic and forgot to serve it.  Oh well--we ate it at home!

Kelsey gave her a watch the weekend was EXACTLY the one she wanted and she got it the weekend before because K felt bad about something that happened with her old one.  I am not clear on the details as I was out of town, but all's well that ends well, right?  Scott and I gave her this rug which she was delighted with.

She wasn't thrilled that her birthday happened on a weekday, but she managed to make it through! :-)  Happy Birthday, Stacy!