Spring Break--Part One

What a great spring break we had!  We were so lucky that Scott got to take the whole week off with us and that his parents were able to join us.  Scott picked them up at the airport on Friday, March 10 and came back to Whittier.  They met us after school and we headed north to stay at our friends' cabin fora couple of nights on our way to Fairbanks.  Saturday we geared them up and took them for some short snow machine rides

We took them for a picnic in the snow...it was chilly for them, but they had fun!

The kids had fun showing off their driving skills for Grandma and Grandpa...

The next day (March 12) we packed up and headed on up to Fairbanks.  We took them to the Fountainhead Auto Museum, which is one of my favorite places in Fairbanks.  I was there several years ago with my brother and uncle and have wanted to return.  It doesn't disappoint!

They have only pre-WWI cars, and have carefully curated their collection to house cars that represent significant advances in automotive design.  They also display period clothing with the cars to give you a better picture of the era.

They even have a fun station where you can put on some reproduction clothing and pose for pictures!

The next day we went to the ice festival, but I'll tell you all about that in the next installment!