Kelsey's Birthday

We had a birthday here, folks!  We now have an 11 year old in the family!  Her birthday was on a Wednesday and we had a built in birthday party because we had a community kickball game at the school that night!

She opened her present from Stacy first...

Stacy made her a blanket "finally big enough to cover me up!".  Of course, her old blankets were old enough to cover her up one point in her life!

Scott and I got her this throw run for under her loft bed...

She liked it!

It was pretty nice that day, so we got to play outside!

We had a birthday dinner for her the weekend after her birthday and she had a sleepover with a bunch of friends.  We had 7 kids sleeping in our living room.  It was a pretty full room!

She and Stacy made the cake and cupcakes for her celebration dinner.  They really like doing that right now, so I am all for letting them enjoy it!  Birthdays are supposed to be fun!

Happy Birthday, Kelsey!!