Christmas Part Two: Christmas in Washougal

This year, for the first time in years, we celebrated Christmas in Washington.  We spent nearly our whole winter break down visiting family.  Our first stop was Washougal, where my family lives.  We got to spend our first day there hanging out and making cookies with Grandma and cousin Kirstyn.  My kids love to make cookies, so they were happy to get to share that fun with everyone in Washougal.

We visited, played, petted puppies, walked, saw Christmas lights and had a great visit!

The girls helped my brother and my dad build this elevated food dish for their dogs.  There's another one they built that nests inside.  They loved having Grandpa's wood shop right downstairs!

My dad was so indulgent and drove us all over the neighborhoods surrounding theirs to look at Christmas lights one night.  We had walked all over their neighborhood each evening and seen many, but in the car we got to visit Washougal's "Christmas Lane" which was pretty impressive!

Christmas Day we were joined by my brother's family and my uncle.  We opened presents in my parent's full basement because it is so big and open!

Those cookies are a Godwin tradition.  My grandma always gave them to us kids, so my mama continues the tradition.  It's not Christmas without some butter cookies!

We cooked a HUGE turkey and all the fixings and were joined for dinner by my sister in law's brother and their parents.  It was such a great Christmas Day!  I think my parents were still eating turkey leftovers when we flew home a week later!

Although we missed Scott, it was fun to spend Christmas with our extended family again.  We made lots of memories, told lots of stories of Christmases past, and are excited for our next visit!